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What Our Clients Say

“An exceptional driving instructor, Angelo gave me all the tools I needed to become a confident driver behind the wheel. He provides fantastic feedback, and I enjoyed every single lesson with him. Thanks once again Angelo, I've now gone from someone who was terrified at the thought of driving, to now loving every minute of it..”   Brandon, Adelaide


“Angelo was an amazing instructor! He was able to break down manoeuvres into basic steps making them much easier to learn and remember. With his clear instruction, I was able to learn quickly and thoroughly, and learnt so much in just an hour lesson, becoming a more confident and able driver. Learn Pass Drive is a fantastic company and I highly recommend their services".    Laura, Adelaide
“Angelo was a wonderful instructor! every lesson I had with him my confidence grew and so did my driving abilities. He is very supportive, patient and confident on the roads. His clear and easy instructions made learning the manoeuvres so much easier to perform and remember. Learn Pass Drive has formed me into a safe and confident driver. Highly recommend!”     Alisa, Adelaide


“Awesome driving instructor! Angelo was great to learn from, he was easy to understand and made learning the techniques simple”.

Areas We Serve

Here are just some of our driver training areas but there are many more suburbs we cover. Simple contact us with your suburb to find out more.