Professional driving lessons for Adelaide & suburbs.

Learn Pass Drive offers professional driving lessons with a qualified and experienced Motor Vehicle Driving Instructor throughout Adelaide and suburbs. Learn the skills needed to become safe, confident and defensive on the road and obtain your driver's license. Training is held in absolute comfort with our modern, 5 star ANCAP safety-rated vehicle complete with all the necesssary safety features, including dual-pedal brake. We make the process easy from start to finish, offering competitive rates, discounts and packages, complimentary pick-up/return from school, work or home, and ongoing professional guidance and support. If you have just obtained your Learner’s Permit and are new to the wheel, our friendly, no pressure training environment will make you feel at ease. For the more confident driver, we won't hold you back, tailoring learning and lessons to your level of driving experience and familiarity. Get a start on your driving future and book a lesson today.



  • Lessons tailored to your level of experience
  • Learn driving techniques which create confidence and skill on the road so that you can become a better, safer driver
  • Train in a modern, easy to manoeuvre vehicle fully equipped with safety features
  • 100% training from start to end of lesson time


What Our Clients Say

“An exceptional driving instructor, Angelo gave me all the tools I needed to become a confident driver behind the wheel. He provides fantastic feedback, and I enjoyed every single lesson with him. Thanks once again Angelo, I've now gone from someone who was terrified at the thought of driving, to now loving every minute of it..”   Brandon, Adelaide


“Angelo was an amazing instructor! He was able to break down manoeuvres into basic steps making them much easier to learn and remember. With his clear instruction, I was able to learn quickly and thoroughly, and learnt so much in just an hour lesson, becoming a more confident and able driver. Learn Pass Drive is a fantastic company and I highly recommend their services".    Laura, Adelaide
“Angelo was a wonderful instructor! every lesson I had with him my confidence grew and so did my driving abilities. He is very supportive, patient and confident on the roads. His clear and easy instructions made learning the manoeuvres so much easier to perform and remember. Learn Pass Drive has formed me into a safe and confident driver. Highly recommend!”     Alisa, Adelaide


Top Tips for a VORT Pass

  • Practice at home after each lesson. In our experience, drivers who dedicate time to practice outside of their lesson times, develop their skills faster and are ready for the VORT sooner.
  • Maintain concentration and focus on the day of the test.
  • Refresh your road law knowledge. A good tip is to do the "Practice Learner’s Theory Test Quiz" on the 'MyLicense' website prior to the test
  • Be well-rested and stay calm throughout the test.
  • Remember the basic training and principles completed in your lesson:
    • Don’t go over the posted speed limit for the area.
      • Be careful with your speed around schools and roadworks, and
      • Remember that the default speed limit in South Australia is 50 km/h, unless otherwise signed.



What do I bring to my first lesson?

You will need to bring the following to each lesson:

  • A Valid Learner’s Permit or Overseas License with Photo ID,
  • “The Driving Companion” Log Book (Optional),
  • Suitable shoe attire. Your shoes will need to have an enclosed heel and preferably an enclosed toe, and should be comfortable. Thongs, ill-fitting sandals or high-heeled shoes are not suitable options, and
  • Lesson fee (if not pre-paid).

How many lessons will I need?

All drivers learn at different rates, some will require fewer lessons and others will need more; the number of lessons all depends on your confidence and pace at which you can learn the techniques and required manoeuvres. What we do know is that drivers who dedicate time to practice outside of their lesson times, develop their skills faster and are ready for the VORT...


Learn Pass Drive has helped many happy students obtain their driver's license and become confident drivers. Book your lesson today!

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