Learn to Drive Safely with Learn, Pass...Drive

Terms & Code of Conduct for Learn Pass Drive Driving School

Please read over and understand our Terms and Code of Conduct prior to booking your lesson with Learn Pass Drive.

Please also familiarise yourself with our Cancellation Policy.

1. What to bring to each lesson:

Please bring the following along to each driving lesson:

 * Valid Learner’s Permit or Overseas License with Photo ID
 * “The Driving Companion” Log Book (Optional)
 * Suitable shoe attire. Your shoes will need to have an enclosed heel and preferably an enclosed toe, and should be comfortable. Thongs, ill-fitting sandals or high-heeled shoes are not suitable options.
 * Lesson fee (if lesson is not pre-paid)

2. Student acknowledgement:

You need to acknowledge the following before any lesson is undertaken:

 * Your mobile phone is off or placed on silent for the duration of the lesson,
 * You have not consumed any alcohol or drugs, including prescription drugs, that may make you drowsy or affect your alertness or ability to drive, and
 * You have not experienced any medical or physical events that may affect your alertness or ability to drive.

3. Cancellation Policy:

Not showing up for your lesson is considered a cancellation and is charged a cancellation fee equivalent to 50% of your lesson cost.

Cancelling a lesson within 24 hours of your lesson time will incur a cancellation fee equivalent to 50% of your lesson cost.

4. Lesson start and finish times

Lessons will commence at the prescribed time and finish within the allocated booking time, unless otherwise arranged by both parties. We will complete all lesson paperwork outside of your lesson time providing uninterrupted time on the road from start to finish. 

5. Lessons shall be conducted with professionalism, courtesy and mutual respect

6. VORT & Same Day Test Pack Bookings

A $150 deposit must paid no less than 3 days prior to the VORT being booked. If the fee is not paid we are unable to proceed with the booking. Any test that is cancelled will forfeit the deposit. 

7. Use of Vehicle for VORT

If you choose to use your own car for the VORT, it must undergo a basic roadworthy inspection from our instructor prior to the test, otherwise the instructor’s vehicle must be used. A roadworthy vehicle is considered one to have sufficient legal tread across all four tyres, all lights, indicators, horn, wipers and seat belts in good working order, no cracked light lenses and the vehicle itself must be registered.

5. EFT Payment Details

Lesson and pack payments can also be made via EFT. Learn Pass Drive bank details are:

Account Name: Learn Pass Drive

BSB: 015-350  

Acc No: 296250171


Once payment has been made please send an SMS message to Angelo on 0418 851 970 to confirm payment has been successful, making sure to include a screen shot of the successful payment transaction.