Learn to Drive Safely with Learn, Pass...Drive

In South Australia, there are two ways to obtain your Driver's License, the 'Competency Based Training & Assessment' (Log Book) System or CBT&A and the 'Practical Vehicle On Road Test’ or VORT System. At Learn Pass Drive, we specialise in the VORT System, a practical and efficient way to obtain your driver’s license in South Australia.

The VORT is an on-the-road, practical driving test where the driver must demonstrate 5 slow speed manoeuvres and pass the general drive in order to obtain their driver’s license.

These 5 slow speed manoeuvres are:

  1. Moving off on a hill
  2. U-Turn
  3. Reverse Parallel Park
  4. Angle Park
  5. 3-Point Turn

To pass the VORT, the driver must demonstrate all 5 slow speed manoeuvres in combination with the general drive, score a pass mark of 90% or more and not breach any road law during the drive. Breaches of road law will result in an immediate fail.

Learn Pass Drive will teach you the 5 slow speed manoeuvres and all required road law to successfully pass the test.

Lessons will also cover:

  • The System of Vehicle Control
  • Road law compliance
  • Defensive driving
  • Safer steering methods
  • Safe driving strategies such as rules of observation, rules of braking, vehicle positioning, stopping distance and following distance.


Top Tips for a VORT Pass

  • Practice at home after each lesson. In our experience, drivers who dedicate time to practice outside of their lesson times, develop their skills faster and are ready for the VORT sooner.
  • Maintain concentration and focus on the day of the test.
  • Refresh your road law knowledge. A good tip is to do the "Practice Learner’s Theory Test Quiz" on the 'MyLicense' website prior to the test http://mylicence.sa.gov.au/my-car-licence/practice-theory-test
  • Be well-rested and stay calm throughout the test.
  • Remember the basic training and principles completed in your lesson:
    • Do not go over the posted speed limit for the area.
      • Be careful around schools and roadworks
      • Remember that the default speed limit in South Australia is 50 km/h, unless otherwise signed.
    • Always use your signals when turning, leaving a roundabout or moving away from or into the kerb.
    • Do not tail-gate another vehicle.
    • Do not straddle lane lines.
    • Give way to other all other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists when required.
    • Always stop completely behind the line at STOP signs and at traffic lights.
    • Always comply with the System of Vehicle Control – centre mirror/signal/brake must be followed in that order. Refer to The Driving Companion book for more information.


Common VORT Mistakes

  • Failing to give away to other road users.
  • Speeding, including speeding throughout roadworks or in a school zone.
  • Straddling lane lines.
  • Not completely stopping behind the white line at STOP signs and traffic lights.
  • Not signaling for 5 seconds before moving away or changing lanes.
  • Stopping or parking illegally, for example in front of a bus stop or no parking zone.


Getting Your License

On the day of your VORT, your Instructor will provide a 60 minute pre-test session where you will prepare for the test, refreshing knowledge of slow speed manoeuvres and road law. You will then conduct the test with an Authorised Examiner in our ANCAP safety rated training vehicle. The test runs for approximately 1 hour and if you successfully pass, you will be given a ‘Certificate of Competency’ to present to Service SA. You will need to allow 2 hours all up for the pre-test session and the VORT itself. At the completion of the test, your Instructor will then return you to home, work or school. Prior to being given a South Australian Driver’s License, a "Hazard and Perception" Test must be completed at Service SA. This is a simple test that can be done prior to or during, your training or after the completion of your VORT. To learn more, visit the MyLicense website.