Learn to Drive Safely with Learn, Pass...Drive

What do I bring to my first lesson?

You will need to bring the following to each lesson:

  • A Valid Learner’s Permit or Overseas License with Photo ID
  • “The Driving Companion” Log Book (Optional)
  • Suitable shoe attire. Your shoes will need to have an enclosed heel and preferably an enclosed toe, and should be comfortable. Thongs, ill-fitting sandals or high-heeled shoes are not suitable options.
  • Lesson fee (if not pre-paid)


How many lessons will I need?

All drivers learn at different rates, some will require fewer lessons and others will need more; the number of lessons all depends on your confidence and pace at which you can learn the techniques and required manoeuvres. What we do know is that drivers who dedicate time to practice outside of their lesson times, develop their skills faster and are ready for the VORT sooner. In general, many of our students can take 8-10 lessons but many have been able to have as little as 4 or 5 lessons.


How much does a lesson cost?

See our Prices and Packages Page for our training rates, lesson packs and test packs. Buying a pack is convenient and means you will save on the standard hourly rate.


How can I pay for my lesson?

You can pay cash on the day of the lesson or pre-purchase a lesson or pack on-line. If paying on-line you will need to purchase 48 hours before your lesson date. See our Prices and Packages Page for all the details.


I’ve just obtained my L’s and have never driven before. What will my first lesson cover?

Learn Pass Drive has helped many new and nervous leaner drivers acquire the skills needed to become safe drivers and obtain their license. Our training approach is simple and easy to understand, and paced at your level. If you have not been in front of the wheel before, we will cover the basic controls of the car and commence the first lesson in a low risk environment, such as a car park. Training will progress onto the roads as soon as you feel comfortable.


What is the VORT?

The Vehicle On Road Test is a practical on road driving test where the driver successfully completes 5 slow speed manoeuvres as well as a “general drive”. Before undertaking the VORT the driver will have driving lessons to learn these manoeuvres and cover off required Australian road law. Once you feel you are ready we will book in the test for you.
The slow speed manoeuvres are:
1. Moving off on a hill
2. U-Turn
3. Reverse Parallel Park
4. Angle Park
5. 3 Point Turn
To pass the VORT, the driver must demonstrate all 5 slow speed manoeuvres in combination with the general drive, score a pass mark of 90% or more and not breach any road law during the drive.


If you choose the VORT method you have to:

  • Record 75 hours of supervised driving with a qualified supervising driver
  • Pass the Hazard Perception Test
  • Pass a practical driving test (VORT)


What is CBT&A?

Competency Based Test & Assessment is another way to obtain your driver’s license. Under this option an accredited driving instructor will need to sign off all 30 tasks outlined in The Driving Companion before you can obtain your license.
If you choose the CBT&A method you have to:

  • Get training from an accredited instructor
  • Complete all the CBT&A tasks listed in The Driving Companion
  • Record 75 hours of supervised driving with a qualified supervising driver
  • Pass the Hazard Perception Test


Which system is quicker?

Typically fewer lessons are required under the VORT. The CBT&A method can take up to 15-20 lessons to cover off all the tasks. Under the VORT system, some of our students have finished their training in as few as 8-10 lessons however many have been able to complete all their training in as little as 4 or 5 lessons.


When are lessons held?

Learn Pass Drive offers lessons during the week or on the weekend. If you are just starting out, having your lesson during quieter traffic periods may be a good option to build up your confidence. If you want lessons straight after school, our instructor can pick you up from school and return you to your home or work after the lesson.


When is the test held?

The VORT can be booked on either a weekday or on the weekend and we need a minimum 3 day booking period for the VORT. On the day, you will need to allow 2 hours for the pre-test training session and the VORT itself. The VORT is held throughout metropolitan Adelaide in local streets you will one day be using and commuting on.